The story behind ‘God Immortal’

Two things came together in the composition of this song. I felt that there was rather too much ‘me’ focused music in the church we needed a ‘we’ focused song through which the church could worship corporately.

At the same time I had attended a lecture by a well-known worship leader on song-writing. He suddenly came out with ‘Wesley even used five syllable words in his lyrics’ as if this was something nobody ever bothered with today. I took it as a challenge and found myself starting to write a song in the ‘we’ voice with some five syllable words. The plurality of voice wasn’t that much of a problem but the long words were harder to incorporate. On a day off Rosi and I found ourselves on the sea front in Brighton when I popped her the question “Darling, what words describe love? It can be anything so long as it has five syllables” She just rolled her eyes.

The resulting song became something of an anthem at the church and here it is.



God immortal, God of grace,
here we stand before your face
now with joy that’s overflowing
come and fill this place
and give us

love unconditional
peace indescribable
joy uncontainable
hope indestructible
faith undeniable
life that flows by grace
from the heart of God!

When our hearts are wracked with pain
facing trials which you ordain
when we cry ‘Lord how much longer?’
lift us to your plane
where there is

love unconditional …

When we stand at heaven’s door
facing grief and pain no more
over sin we’ll then have conquered
Jesus to adore
and know his…

love unconditional …

When we bow before the throne
clothed in garments not our own
undeserving, bathed in wonder
Then we’ll know we’re home
because of

love unconditional …


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