Praise my soul the King of heaven

This one has become a bit of an anthem in our church



Praise, my soul, the king of heaven to his feet your tribute bring;
ransomed, healed restored forgiven who like you his praise should sing?

Praise him for his grace and favour to our fathers in distress
praise him still the same for ever slow to blame and quick to bless

And I will raise this hallelujah
to the one enthroned above
As I bow in awe and wonder
worshipping the King of love

With a father’s love he spares us all our weaknesses he knows
with his hand he gently leads us rescues us from all our foes

Frail, like summer flowers we flourish; blows the wind, and we are gone
but while mortals rise and perish God endures unchanging on.

And I will raise this hallelujah  …

Angels! Come and help us praise him; you who see him face to face!
Even sun and moon adore him with all men in time and space.

Then one day in heaven we’ll see him bathed in glory, awed with grace,
all our pain and sadness over we will see our saviour’s face

And I will raise this hallelujah …


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