This song was written to celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary. I had a chance to sing it in church when Rosi was in the congregation and it took her completely by surprise! The video you have here was taken in church. (It has rather limited accoustic and I’d like to record a better version for the site some time soon)


I realised in retrospect that there’s a very similar line in the chorus of a Vicky Beeching song. It must have been hovering in the recesses of my mind while I was composing. Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I gladly acknowledge her as an (unintended!) influence.




When songs were on vinyl and hymns were the norm

When shopping meant Woolworths and clothes were twice worn

I’d many times wanted to write you a sonnet

but I was mechanic stuck under your bonnet.


When friendship with you became laced with romance

each smile that I saw said there might be a chance

That one day I’d join the adventure of you

and marry the woman I only just knew


Thirty-eight summers and thirty-eight winters

we’ve laughed in the sunshine we’ve wept in the rain

And if God could give me a chance to repeat it

I want you to know (in a breath) I’d do it again.


When Esther was taken it seemed so unfair

and through all the heartache I found you were there

When drunk on the sadness that made us both cry

and still to this day we ask ‘God tell us why’

Thirty-eight summers and thirty-eight winters …


In our home God called us to love

In our church He called us to build

In our lives he called us to sacrifice

So others could be filled.

Thirty-eight summers and thirty-eight winters …

And finally when we’ve completed our quest

And one of us lays down the other to rest

It’s only a break in God’s wonderful story

’cause one day we’ll dance together in glory.

Thirty-eight summers and thirty-eight winters …

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