Christmas blog from Ian and Rosi

Happy Christmas to you! We often marvel at the significance of Christmas with God himself becoming one of us so that we could enjoy a relationship of intimacy with Him. We trust that this will be a special Christmas for you as you recall the wonder of what Christ became.

So here are some headlines from 2017:


Our granddaughter April is now 3¾ (one must not omit the ¾) and will be going to school in September. She is into pretend play in a big way and invents scenarios that involve us becoming people, or animals, or monsters in her world. She, however, is almost always the princess!

Chris and Polly continue to live busy lives with Chris carrying a demanding job – and now learning to fly! This makes time together as a family very precious.

Down time

Rosi’s nephew Philip got married this year. To everyone’s amazement the bride, Sarah, was greeted by her samba band as she came out of the service. Within seconds she was conducting them in the church forecourt, complete with the sounds of planes from Heathrow airport taking off overhead.

More pictures here:

Rosi’s Neice Rachel also got married this year at a wonderful wedding in Westminster Chapel. Our pictures can be found here:

Rosi’s family got together for two decade birthdays which made for a unique occasion – you might as well keep up the habit and click here!

We also celebrated Ian’s brother’s 60th at which we found ourselves at a blind auction, bidding on goodness knows what. With all the proceeds going to world vision we happily bid on a fascinating shaped parcel which turned out to be about a thousand tiny sweets. We’re still chomping our way through them.

Some pictures here:


It’s been an encouraging year with several new members on our staff: Emma (my assistant), Erik (youth) and Colin (admin) who are together proving to be  a real benefit to the church

A church camping weekend, a first for Victoria, proved to be a great success with a mixture of about 250 campers, caravaners and day visitors. We have recently had the joy of baptising one young couple who come to faith there. Again – some pictures for your enjoyment here:

We were both invited to do the main speaking at a conference for pastors and church leaders at Ashburnham Place. This was an inspiring and challenging event where we feel the that God did a significant work.

Ian is retiring

Yikes! Ian is retiring from Victoria in January 2018 and we anticipate moving to Chichester in February. We have started work on our house for which space suits seemed appropriate. Uprooting ourselves after 18 years is not going to be easy as we have made deep connections in Eastbourne, but we are looking forward to some new ventures when we move.

Our new address will be

2, Rumbolds Close, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 7UJ.

Tel: 07780 665868 (Ian) 07426 357967(Rosi).

We are very close to the A27 Chichester bypass so you’re welcome to use us as a coffee stop!

There’s obviously more we can tell but for the full version you’ll have to come and see us! You’ll always be welcome.    

May God bless you richly in 2018.

With love from Ian and Rosi