Motcombe park floods

Just have a look at these images from Motcombe park, Old Town, which show the bowling green and park completely submerged as a result of the recent torrential rain. Taken today (27th December 2012) at about 2.30pm. The pond is the source of…
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Street photography

Some of the latest images taken at random while on the road. (and I'm experimenting with a new gallery management system)

pier head

This classic local landmark is often captured in the daytime but has its own charm and symmetry at night. Enjoy (and click to enlarge)

Hong Kong Panorama

Here's a panorama of Hong Kong. It's made up of 7 shots, hand stitched using photoshop (7 layers with masks on 6 of them). Camera: Canon EOS 20D with 16mm lens. Click on the image to enlarge. Enjoy  

Hong Kong

Every evening the buildings on Hong Kong are lit up. Here are some of our images of this remarkable show and a few other images from Hong Kong    


Some wonderful examples of Chinglish from our trip