Exploring the Bible

We believe that everyone should have the chance to explore the Christian faith, ask questions and share their point of view; whatever their background and wherever they are from.

This ‘Exploring the Bible’ series will give you an opportunity to do that.

John’s gospel …

is one of four separate accounts of the life of Jesus Christ. It is ideal for anyone wanting to explore Christian faith foundations. John was probably Jesus’ closest friend; so in this short book we get an inside track on Jesus’ life and work.

What happens on a typical evening?

We meet at 7.45 pm at Chichester Baptist Church. We’ll start with coffee, tea and some nibbles.

Each evening Ian White will do an overview of a section of John’s gospel. He will highlight some of the big ideas we find there. During this time there will be breaks for discussion where you can comment, ask questions and listen to other people’s views. BTW, a book like John’s gospel always provokes discussion on other things that may not be directly in the passage – and that’s OK.

We finish at 9.00pm.

Who is it for?

This Exploring the Bible series is ideal for anyone who has done an introductory programme to Christianity, like Alpha or Christianity Explored. It’s also good for people who would like to investigate Christian faith by looking at the original sources in the Bible whatever your background or faith history.

Who is doing it?

Ian and Rosi White will be your hosts for the evening. They have been leading programs like this for over three decades and will be happy to respond to queries you may have. You can contact them by clicking here.


1 The beginnings

John chapter 1:1 – chapter 2:11
John kicks off his story with an introduction which might make our heads spin. He describes a miracle at a wedding and we encounter another John – John the Baptist.

2 Two people

John chapters 3 & 4.
These two people could hardly be more different. One is upper-crust, polite and clever and the other course, sharp tongued and picked an argument with Jesus.

3 A healing and a ‘who am I?’

John chapter 5
Only rarely did Jesus directly claim to be the son of God, often he let people work it out for themselves. This time through a healing.

4 The remarkable story of Lazarus

John chapter 11
In these events we hear Jesus talking about his victory over death itself – and shockingly verifying it by raising Lazarus.

5 Jesus in teaching mode

John chapters 15 & 16
John lets us eavesdrop on a private audience with Jesus. We get to be a fly on the wall as Jesus teaches, comforts, encourages and motivates his followers.

6 Why did Jesus die?

John chapter 19
Was it a political conspiracy, a religious plot or plain bad luck … or was there something more to it?

7 Why did Jesus come back from the dead?

John chapters 20 & 21
Tonight we look at some of the evidence for the resurrection and the purpose of John’s whole gospel.