Bereavement can make us better people, instead of bitter people.

When Ian and Rosalyn White’s daughter, Esther, died they were determined to use their grief positively. ‘The Road Not Chosen’ tracks their journey and, while brutally honest, is full of hope. Nobody chooses to lose someone they love, but it happens to many of us at some time in our lives. This book is written with compassion, clarity and wit and shows how vital their Christian faith was in the midst of their tragedy.

The Road Not Chosen tells the story of Esther’s life and death and how her parents coped with the aftermath. Without in any way minimising the shock and distress, they believe that what they have learned will help others in a similar situation. ‘Grieving is an unpredictable journey – and one you don’t want to make. It takes all of us to the edge and it hurts. But with Christ at our side there is genuine hope.’