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(or Revd Dr Ian White if you want to be formal) is a Baptist Minister now based in Churchdown, Gloucestershire, England. On this web site you’ll be able to pick up some things that matter to Ian that are for public consumption. Blogs, preaching, photography and other things he’s keen on can all be found here.

Ian has a passion for teaching the Bible clearly and leading worship that helps people engage with God using a wide variety of music and other media.

He started his career as a mathematician gaining an honours degree and a masters from Reading University then being awarded a PhD at Swansea. His speciality was the flow of oil and water inside oil fields – an interest which he still keeps up in his spare time.

Having worked on the staff of Swansea University and then as a mathematician at British Petroleum, Ian felt called in the ministry. He left maths behind him to train at the London Bible College (now London School of Theology) where he got another degree, this time in Theology, and went to work on the staff of Purley Baptist Church.

At Purley he took on responsibility for worship, small groups and counselling and began to develop preaching and teaching ministry which has taken him to various parts of the world.

He then moved to Chichester Baptist Church, a small fellowship (then) which were seeking a new direction. During the eight years there he saw the church develop into a multi-staffed wide ranging ministry which touched many areas of the city. The development of a regular event aimed at people who were not used to coming to church (called ‘First Sunday’) was the catalyst from much of this growth.

Ian left Chichester and moved to Eastbourne when he became the senior minister of Victoria Baptist Church. He has a passion for communicating God’s word with clarity and for helping people to engage in worship which touches the heart.

Ian also has other interests and has been a trustee of a Bible College, the chairman of the Sussex Baptist Association and until 2015 was vice chairman of Memralife whose conferences (Spring Harvest, Aiming 4 Excellence) and media ministry (under the ICC label) are known world-wide.

Ian has retired from church leadership but is still active in teaching and mentoring. He is currently a Field Placement Tutor with Spurgeon’s College, a funeral celebrant and creates online teaching resorces for churches.

Ian is married to Rosi who is also very active in the church and does her best to keep him in order. They have an adult son Christopher and who is married to Polly and they had a daughter Esther who went to heaven in 2009 when she was 22 (you might like to click here). In what spare time remains Ian collects rare tea, is a keen photographer and interested in the technical side of just about anything.

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Rosi (or Rosalyn if you want to be formal) had a career both as a mother and a Social Worker.

Ros was a Social Worker with East Sussex County Council. She specialised in assessing people with complex health or social care needs and investigates safeguarding cases where vulnerable adults may be at risk.

She has a passion for the pastoral side of church ministry and was responsible for the creation of the church’s Pastoral Care Action Group which manages the pastoral ministry of their church. She is very active in the church supporting Ian’s ministry and in any remaining spare time she loves creating scrapbooks.