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New printed edition and new audiobook!

We're really excited that a second edition of our book is now availbale

I stand for truth, the autobiography of Donald Guthrie

Read the remarkable story of Rosi's father who wrote an autobiography which was nearly lost for ever. "I must admit at the outset that the prospect of writing about myself fills me with apprehension. It requires considerable initial resolve…

Katy Bridges

Katy B with 'Backdoor' in South Africa

Tim and Chloe

EWF helped Tim and Chloe go to South Africa and India

I asked Rosi to marry me

Our marriage started here on Pennard cliffs, Swansea.


Written for a child (possibly one of her young sons) 'tricky' is a mother's desire for her son's well-being and good behaviour I'll tell you of a friend of mine He's got a little house He does a lot of work for me He's smaller than…
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Welcome April Esther White!

Welcome to the world, April Esther White! Click here