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New printed edition and new audiobook!

We're really excited that a second edition of our book is now availbale

Katy Bridges

Katy B with 'Backdoor' in South Africa

Tim and Chloe

EWF helped Tim and Chloe go to South Africa and India

'The Road Not Chosen' - Sample Chapter

'The Road Not Chosen' A sample chapter of our book about the death of our daughter. Click here.

Drawing our strength from the bible

In cards, emails texts and facebook posts our friends shared numerous passages from the Bible they thought would help us in our tragedy. We have collected most of them here because they became a source of great comfort and strength at moments…

Scripted praying

Do you ever find yourself rushing into God's presence with a whole collection of jumbled ideas? We do, in common with many other leaders. Of course there are times when we just want to say as little as a single word to God like 'help' or…

Esther White Fund

Esther White was our daughter who died from diabetes at the age of 22. She was a young woman with a very deep faith on God and was not afraid of embarking on adventurous escapades to help other people know about Him. When she died we created…