Christmas news from Ian and Rosi

Happy Christmas to you!

It never ceases to amaze us how God became man and lived as one of us. The significance of Christmas is simultaneously so deceptively simple and so wonderfully profound.

Moving House

There are sillier things to do than moving house in the middle of a lockdown, but not many! We arrived during the January snow and heard talking from the street outside. It was the sound of our neighbours who met every Friday evening for a chat from their respective driveways. It was wonderful to be included in their group and we have formed some firm friends in Churchdown.


We’re now living much closer to Chris and Polly which makes for lots of enjoyable encounters with April and Mason.

Four-year-old Mason’s love of flowers and gardening is unabated so there are few things he likes more than watering the garden. Just make sure you’re standing behind him when he wields the hose!

April is being taught the violin by her granddad and is already playing tunes on it. She plays on a 3/4 sized violin and is slowly mastering the basics.



It was with heavy hearts that we left Chichester Baptist Church. Their kindness to us has been outstanding and they will always have a unique place in our hearts.
Ian’s video studio has already been in use from Churchdown as he has recorded preaching for churches and ‘shorts’ (5-7 minute films typically for small groups) to help people get into the Bible. You can find them here if you’re interested:

We did our best to sit on the sidelines for a bit at the Anglican church where we now worship. However, Ian has already been asked to preach and play keyboards. Rosi now has a role on the pastoral side, so there’s rarely an idle moment!

And Finally

We’ve already had visitors staying with us in our new house and we always enjoy opening our home. So if you’re looking for a break near the Cotswolds, please let us know. When we last wrote to you our house move was still in the offing. So, if you would like to contact us in Churchdown you can do it from here.

May God bless you and keep you safe in 2022