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Ian White’s Preaching

Go here to access Ian’s preaching notes. You can follow his preaching or read the material yourself later from here.

Ian White’s teaching shorts

Go here to access byte sized films to help grow your faith.

Funeral Celebrancy

Ian’s work as a funeral minister or celebrant can be found here.

The Road Not Chosen

Now and audiobook available from here.


Both Ian and Ros take images that they share and you will find them here along with some of the stories that accompany the pictures


Discover our family and heritage.

Latest Blog Posts


Introduction: the search for the real Jesus

Who is Jesus? This is the fundamental question which all four of the gospels help us to answer. They each record his life, ministry, death and resurrection but John's gospel is very different from the other three. It has a more intimate feel…

the prologue: 1:1-18

The identity of the Word John's opening paragraphs are both enigmatic and profound. At a first reading we might wonder about who 'the Word' is intended to be, but as each sentence unfolds his identity becomes clearer. 1 In the beginning was…

Jesus' public ministry commences 1:19-51

Two delegations inquire of John the Baptist John's denial that he was the Messiah reveals more about the identity of Jesus as he is questioned by representatives of the Jewish hierarchy.19 Now this was John's testimony when the Jews of Jerusalem…

test post from my phone

I'm trying out writing a blog entry form Bombadil, my Android phone. You might be interested to know that we name all our computers after characters from Lord of the Rings.

Raspberry tiramisu

A subtle twist on an old stalwart. The raspberries make people think it's healthier - it isn't! Recipe here blah blah blah

Curried banana soup

No you're not seeing things, that's really what it is. Recipe here blah blah blah

for foodies

Entertaining gives us a chance to experiment with wacky creations on real live guinea-pigs

Who are we?

Ian White is a Baptist minister who has worked in several churches and whose ministry spans many denominations. He is teacher, trainer and conference speaker. Ros was a Social Worker who specialised in the care of the elderly and disabled. They are based in Churchdown, UK. Click this link for some more biographical information.


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